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What We're About

We're always looking for the truth, and we post what we find here

Our Goal.

We here at RecceForTruth are simple patriots with a simple goal: information sharing! We collect information professionally and would like to share this information with everyone we can. Please be skeptical as this age is treacherous especially when it comes to information. We will provide links to articles for your own reading leisure. Please understand we will not be able to cover every topic nor do we wish to. If possible use IP Blockers or different search engines for information is controlled via big tech. We will not provide you with anything that will incriminate yourself or your online persona. Please understand that What you are doing is perfectly legal and also the morally right thing to do!

How do we do it?

We find topics that are important to us and post them here. Simple as that. We keep articles from "reliable" sources, not because they're "reliable" but because the masses will accept them more easily as fact.

Under Construction

Please allow us to make improvements and add content to the site.