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This situation is unprecedented...unprecendented giving away of our freedom

Why Covid doesn't make sense!

There's a lot going on during this pandemic that has a lot of people skeptical. Whether it's our elected leaders forcing us to follow lockdown protocols, but failing to follow it themselves (see here, here, here, here, and summerized here and here) or constantly changing their stance on masks despite the fact that masks don't work. You can also see that in how they only put on the show while on camera here and here. Their standard, what they tell us is that we're killers, we're going to kill poor grandma if we don't wear a mask. That applies to them as well. If they truely believed that not wearing a mask could provably kill someone, they would wear it all the time, just like we would. They don't, however, because it's not as deadly as they lead you to believe. It's time to call it out and push back.

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